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We want to hear from parenting practitioners who are interested in collaborating with us

Our mission is to increase opportunities for parents to access parenting support, encompassing classes, courses, workshops and 1:1 support. We believe that to do this, we need to enlist highly skilled parenting practitioners in the Bath and Bristol area to contribute to achieving our mission.

Training and accreditation to deliver evidence-based programmes such as Triple P can be costly and take months if not years to complete and become a confident trainer.

We also know that parenting practitioners, accredited to deliver these courses, may eventually move on to other jobs, roles and organisations where they’re no longer able to deliver these courses, despite having the training and experience to do so.

We provide the opportunity for parenting practitioners, still keen, able and passionate about delivering courses and supporting parents, to deliver through us.

Option 1:

  1. You talk to us about what you want to deliver and the funding source;
  2. You identify the funding opportunity and put together the business case or funding application;
  3. We check the application and submit the funding application;
  4. Once funding is successfully secured, you advertise and recruit to your course;
  5. You deliver your course;
  6. You gather impact data and provide all required evidence required by funder.

Option 2:

  1. You register as a Parenting Practitioner with us, letting us know what you are able to deliver;
  2. We keep your details on file;
  3. We identify funding opportunities and put together the business case or funding application;
  4. We submit a funding application;
  5. Once funding is successfully secured, we invite you to deliver a course;
  6. We advertise and recruit to your course, with your support;
  7. You deliver your course;
  8. We gather impact data and provide all required evidence required by funder, with your support.

Joining Options

Ad-hoc & One-off:

We propose that initially, you deliver a course on our behalf, allowing us to assess its effectiveness while also affording you the opportunity to ascertain if the approach works for you.

Should you wish to remain affiliated with us, you would be welcome to return at any time to facilitate additional courses. Depending on the duration between delivery, updated checks such as DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and safeguarding assessments may be required. If you are registered with the DBS Update Service, it would significantly accelerate this process.

Regular Delivery

Upon successful completion of a minimum of two courses facilitated by you, we will explore the prospect of establishing a regular delivery arrangement. We will also support you to seek funding to continue delivery. This may include promoting chargeable parenting support services.

Shaping the Organisation

Our main goal is to keep expanding the Parenting Hub and reaching out to more parents, practitioners, and referral agencies. Our aim is to ensure that every parent can access high-quality parenting support and advice, catering not just to those with preschool-aged children but to parents of all ages, including pre-schoolers, primary school children, and teenagers.

For practitioners who have delivered courses with us and are keen to become more involved, we would like to expand our board of directors. This will allow us to broaden our experience, vision and capacity, to steer and develop the Community Interest Company.

In addition, we will require operational support to efficiently coordinate courses, parent and practitioner interactions, funding applications and contract management.

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