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This course supports and empowers parents in their journey to provide optimal nutrition for their children. We understand the challenges and dilemmas parents face when it comes to mealtimes, fussy eating, and developing healthy eating habits.

Parents often ask, how do I get my child to eat enough, to eat healthy options, to try new food? How do I know what’s healthy and what I should avoid? Does food really have an impact on their behaviour? What can I do as a parent to set a good example?

We answer all of these questions, whilst personalising it to your specific needs, so if you have a particular challenge, we’ll make sure we cover it.


We offer this short-course as a 2-week programme. These group sessions are delivered weekly for 2 hours.

Who is it for?

This course is for ANY and ALL parents who have children aged 3 – 12 years.

Group Size

Groups of 5 – 10 parents work really well. We also offer 1:1 sessions as and when required.

How will I learn?

From the start, parents are given tips and suggestions to fit the needs of their family. You will receive digital copies of resources for further reading, reference and practical application at home.

1. Fussy Eating

In this session, we will cover:

  • Meal time conflict;
  • Reasons to be fussy;
  • Food exposure;
  • A parent’s role;
  • The importance of mealtimes.
2. Mealtimes

In this session we’ll look at:

  • The importance of mealtimes;
  • Meal planning;
  • Food groups;
  • Vitamins, minerals and fibre;
  • 5-a-day;
  • Calories and sugar;
  • Food labelling;
  • Swapping unhealthy for healthy options.
Is there a cost?

No, this course is totally free. We secure funding from elsewhere to remove any financial barriers to parents taking part.

Do I need to attend the whole course?

Yes, ideally. The workshops link well together as a package: strategies and ideas from one session, help with those from the other. That said, if you miss a session, what you cover will still be hugely beneficial. We can still supply you with the reading material from the session you missed.

Where does it take place?

We deliver our courses in the community. This means we find a venue near you, usually in a school or community centre. We also deliver this course online.

Will there be reading materials?
Yes, we’ll make sure you have access to all the relevant reading material, which will be emailed to you after each session.
My child has special needs. Is this course right for me?

It can be. This course is a universal course. There are courses specifically for parents of children with special needs which will go into the nuances and adjustments you may need to make. That said, the strategies, information and ideas contained in this course can serve as a really strong foundation before going on to do a more specialised course.

Is there anything I need to bring to the sessions?

Not really. You can bring a pen and paper if you would like to make notes as you go, however, we’ll make sure you have access to everything we produce in the sessions as well as the presentation slides and reading materials.

I don't have a tablet or laptop. Can I join using my phone?

Whilst it’s possible to join and take part in the course using just a mobile phone, you’ll find your experience is improved if you use a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

The bigger the screen the better the experience. Plenty of parents do take part using their phone, however.

You might be able to use a computer in your child’s school, children’s centre or community centre, so we suggest asking it that’s possible.

Sessions: 2

Duration: 2 hours

Delivery: Online or face-to-face